1. Import and Export Air Cargo: This service likely involves the transportation of goods by air, both for imports (bringing goods into a country) and exports (sending goods to other countries).


  1. Daily Flights and Weekly Consolidation to Main Airport: This indicates that the service offers regular flights and possibly a weekly consolidation service to a major airport. Daily flights suggest frequent transport options for cargo, while weekly consolidation could mean that smaller shipments are grouped together before being sent out to optimize efficiency.


  1. Dangerous and Perishable Goods: This service handles items that are both hazardous (dangerous) and items that can spoil or degrade quickly (perishable). This requires specialized handling and shipping procedures to ensure safety and freshness.


  1. Time-Sensitive Express Shipment Service: This service offers a high-priority option for time-sensitive shipments. This is important for urgent deliveries that need to reach their destination quickly.


  1. Booking and Handling of Valuable Shipment - Gold, Silver Jewelry, Paintings, etc.: This service is equipped to book and handle valuable items, including precious metals like gold and silver, high-value items such as jewelry, and delicate items like paintings. This suggests expertise in secure transportation.


  1. Linehaul / Couriers Wholesale: "Linehaul" often refers to the transportation of goods over long distances. "Couriers wholesale" may imply that this service provides courier services in bulk or for other courier companies, possibly at a wholesale or discounted rate.


  1. Couriers on FedEx, DHL & UPS: This means that the service collaborates with or uses the courier services provided by well-known companies like FedEx, DHL, and UPS. This can be beneficial because it leverages the extensive networks and resources of these established courier companies.

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