1. Warehousing of Miscellaneous Goods: This service involves the storage of a wide variety of goods and products in a warehouse facility. These goods can include a diverse range of items, making it a versatile storage solution.


  1. Cargo Storage: This refers to the general storage of cargo, which can include a variety of items such as goods, equipment, or merchandise. Cargo storage typically occurs in a warehouse or storage facility.


  1. FCL Consolidate and Deconsolidation: FCL stands for Full Container Load. This service offers consolidation and deconsolidation services for shipping containers. Consolidation involves combining multiple shipments into one container, while deconsolidation is the process of unloading and separating goods from a container.


  1. Cargo Assembly: This service likely involves the process of gathering and assembling various cargo items for transportation or storage, ensuring that items are properly organized and prepared for shipment or use.


  1. Special Packing Services - Haz and Non-Haz: This service provides specialized packing services for both hazardous (haz) and non-hazardous (non-haz) goods. Hazardous goods require specific packing and labeling to comply with safety regulations, making it essential to handle them properly.


  1. Inventory Storage Services: This service focuses on managing and storing inventory for businesses. It ensures that goods are securely stored, tracked, and managed in a way that allows for easy access and accurate inventory management.

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