1. Full Truck Load (LTL): This service involves transporting goods that occupy the entire capacity of a truck. It's typically used for shipments that require the full capacity of a truck to meet their volume or weight requirements.


  1. Container Drayage Services: Container drayage refers to the transportation of cargo containers between a seaport or intermodal facility to their final destination. This service ensures the efficient movement of containers from ports to various locations.


  1. Reefer Service: Reefer, short for "refrigerated," refers to temperature-controlled cargo transportation. Reefer service is crucial for maintaining the cold or frozen condition of goods during transit, such as food or pharmaceuticals.


  1. Project Transport (Road, Rail, Barge): This service specializes in handling large-scale projects that may require cargo to be transported using various modes of transportation, including road, rail, and barge. It is often used for complex, oversized, or multi-modal transport needs.


  1. Long and Short Haul Trucking Services within India: This indicates that the service provides both long-distance and short-distance trucking services within the geographical area of India. Long haul typically refers to cross-country or interstate transportation, while short haul is more localized.


  1. Oversized Equipment and Heavy Lift Services: This service is equipped to handle oversized and heavy cargo, such as large machinery or equipment that may require special handling, permits, and equipment for transportation.

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